Travel costs – the past month (well 23 days)

One of the reasons for doing this blog is to show people that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to travel full time. Every month I’ll post a blog showing our total costs for the month and you can see how we’re going.

We started our full time travels on the 9th April and I posted a blog about our first months costs here. Going forward I think it’ll be a bit easier doing it for full calendar months so to get started this post will encompasses our travel costs for the period 9th – 31st May (23 days).

During this time we were house sitting in Spain for 15 days, flew to Marseille and commenced a house sit in France for 8 days. France is somewhat more expensive than its southern neighbour however on the sit we are doing in France a car has been provided so we don’t have car rental costs to include which is nice.

Here are the figures:

  • General expenditure              – $752  see note (1)
  • Car hire ( 15 days)                   – $219
  • Airfares (Malaga- Marseille) – $230
  • Alhambra tickets                     – $46
(1) groceries / eating out / tourist attractions / public transport / parking fees, etc

Our total costs for the 23 days add up to $1247   (or $54.23 per day)

This is similar to our first months costs which came out at $55.90 per day.

Of course, this does not include the cost of our airfares to get from Melbourne to London. These will be included, along with our annual travel insurance premium, in our costs for the whole year and averaged out over that period.

We’re pretty happy with this and it will be interesting to see how that figure increases (or decreases) over the next couple of months as we’ll be in France until mid June and then in the UK until the end of August .

We’ll post the figures over the coming months and see what the reality is.

Footnote: all figures are in Australian Dollars and using an exchange rate calculation of  1 EURO = $1.50 AUD

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  1. Hi Glenn Very interesting blog on your travel costs, just shows what can be achieved. Assuming that $ you are in Aus$ not USD? Cheers Chris


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