Preparing for our full time travels

Here’s a series of videos tracking our progress (or otherwise) in getting ready for full-time travel.

What these videos are all about

Background to why we are travelling full time

13th February 2017 – Another short video to explain what we are doing and put it into some sort of context. Here I give a brief background as to why we are travelling full time.

7 weeks

19th February 2017 – Just seven weeks until we leave and trying to get organised

Less than 5 weeks before we leave

5th March 2017 – We leave in less than 5 weeks and there’s still a mountain of stuff to do. Will we get there??? I hope so……

Two and a half weeks left

23rd March 2017 – two and a half weeks left – one car sold (one to go) and the house leased but there’s still heaps to do.

Three days to go..

6th April 2017 – three days until we leave and there’s still so much to do…..

It’s all been worth it

23rd April 2017 – it’s been two weeks since we left for our new life!! Here’s the reason why we’ve done it. Enjoy…..


  1. Travel safely and with joy. Look forward to tracing your progress and look forward to seeing you sometime this summer


  2. Good luck guys. I’m sure you will have a lifetime journey of your dreams. Have always admired you both. Your hard work has paid off.
    Always in our thoughts, God’s Speed.

    Sheila & Tony


    1. Thanks for your kind words Sheila and Tony, I’ve popped into your office a couple of times to say hi but you haven’t been there 😦
      Take care of each other. x x x x


  3. Hi Glenn and Jacqui, Just caught up with your videos from way back when all the preparation was going on. Didn’t realise that you have actually emptied out your house and uprooted so completely!! This sounds like something much bigger than I realised you had embarked on. I have left a note on one of your videos about Kashmir. You might like to think about visiting there and living in a magnificent houseboat on Lake Dal. It is a unique experience. But you are in Muslim country, and need to consider what you do carefully. We were stoned one night, while sleeping in our tent on a shikara (canoe) trip. We should have slept in the canoe on the mattress. But we put up our tent and were separated from our host. (Not a good idea!) However the country was beyond imagination. Getting there was also an interesting experience as we went by bus! Air travel if you can find it is more comfortable I think. We did a bus trip up to Leh in Ladhak very near the Chinese border. That was possibly the most fascinating road trip I have ever done. The people of Ladhak are like Tibetans. Very friendly and cheerful despite living in very harsh conditions. You climb quite high into the Himalaya and you will notice the lower oxygen levels in the air! Any way enjoy the trip. This sounds like a lifetime thriller! Glad we did it when I was in my early 40’s. We had energy to burn then!! Spent 26 days trekking in Nepal, around the Annapurna massif and into the Himalchuli Range as well. Climbed to almost 18000 ft. At that height every step takes a massive gulp of air! But you never forget the experience!


  4. Very inspiring! We too are divesting of almost all our belongings, but we are going to try and sell the house, and travel full time. I love the tips on house sitting and the honesty of the trepidation as you prepare. We are in the trepidation part right now, but also beyond excited. I’ll be following to remain motivated!


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