We have written a number of articles about our journey from taking an ‘adult’ gap year in 2015 through to selling all of our life’s possessions, our travels and how we got started house sitting.
We have also been featured in blogs and travel/lifestyle articles in various publications.

Below you’ll find a selection of them.

Links to articles

House Sit Match – Top House Sitting Tips for Owners

Jacqueline wrote an article for this website setting out the items that home owners should consider when advertising a house sit.

Starts at 60

We were interviewed about our travels and house sitting lifestyle by the website startsat60 in March 2019. Here’s the resultant story.
Starts at 60 story (21st March 2019)

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail UK picked up one of our articles from International Living Magazine – How to travel the world on less than $100 per day
Daily Mail article (18th February 2019)

Grey World Nomads blog

Grey World Nomads – Early Retirement Blog

International Living

Our Overseas Adventure and how it all began

House Sitting Magazine

We took an adult gap year and became International House Sitters (by Jacqueline).

House Sit Match Blogging competition article – Dec 2017

International Living – Test Driving a Hua Hin retirement

House Sit Match – How House Sitting enables authentic travel

Steve’s IL magazine article

ILA article by Glenn