The fastest way to become a successful house sitter

In our previous pages – House Sitting – What is it? and House Sitting – Getting Started we only scratched the surface on how to get started and how to become a successful house sitter.

The thing that really helped us get started and heading in the right direction was paying for a training course on all the ins and outs of house sitting. 

We viewed the price of the course as an investment in ourselves and our future success as being sought after house sitters.

After all, the cost of the course is insignificant when compared with the amount of money you will save on accommodation costs whilst house sitting.

We have sourced a fantastic course that has helped hundreds of people just like you (and us) become excellent and sought after sitters. The House Sit Academy has been put together by the highly successful and experienced team of sitters – Nat and Jodie.

Added Benefits

One of the added benefits of this course is that upon completion you gain access to a private network of successful sitters.

Within this network you get notified about referral sits. These are house sits that the members have done previously and become available because the sitters are already booked elsewhere. An added bonus is that there is usually loads of info about the sit from the referring sitter. These sits are not advertised elsewhere and many are in beautiful properties in sought after locations all over the world.

For example, one that we are doing in September 2019 is in a beautiful, 3 bedroom apartment on Broadway, two blocks from Central Park in Manhattan, New York. And, we had no competition from any other sitters for this sit.

These opportunities just aren’t available to the general house sitting community.

And what really rounds out the value of this investment in yourself is the weekly support and mentoring on live conference calls which is also a great way to meet your house sitting peers.

So, if you want to set yourself on the fast track to success with access to an amazing private referral network (and live weekly support, mentoring & networking) then we highly recommend the House Sit Academy (lifetime membership) course.

Simply click on the link below to learn more about how to become a highly sought after house and pet sitter.

How to Become a Successful House Sitter

How to become a Successful House Sitter

The Essential Online Course & Private Referral Network for International House Sitters.

So, that’s it. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page or leave a comment below.

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