How House Sitters Help

As many of you will know, Jacqueline and I house sit our way around the world. It provides a cost-effective way for us to visit and experience regions all over the globe. We obtain most of our sits via various websites (you can find out more about these websites here).

Every now and then these websites run competitions – some require writing an article whilst others may ask for a video covering a particular theme. We’ll occasionally have a go and submit an entry and see how we go.

One such website is House Sit Match – it offers house sits worldwide and is based in the UK. The owner and founder is Lamia Walker – a lovely lady that we have had the pleasure to meet a couple of times (she even had us over to brunch at her house one morning!!).

To Register for

They recently announced a competition requiring a one minute video with the theme “How House Sitters Help”.

Jacqueline was keen to have a go and created a short video that we submitted. We were very pleased to find out last week that her hard work was rewarded with a spot as one of the four finalists.
Here’s her video…..

The winner is the video with the most votes so we’d really appreciate it if you liked the video you could support her.

To vote for Jacqueline please click here.


(NOTE: voting closes this Friday 13th December)

We wouldn’t normally ask for help via our blog however some of the other finalists have large online followings and influence. They can draw on these for votes so we’re fighting an uphill battle!!

If you like Jacqueline’s video and decide to support her we’d be very appreciative. Thank you.

On another note – now that we’ve settled into our next house sit (for five weeks) I’m hoping to publish a few more posts and videos so stay tuned.

Thanks again for coming on our journey……

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