Jacqueline’s favourite place

Care for Dogs

A good part of our travels to date have included, when we are not house sitting, spending a few months each year in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You’ll find a number of posts about our time there elsewhere in this blog. (Hint: look under the THAILAND section in the PLACES menu item). However, each time we visit the Northern Thai capital Jacqueline get’s VERY excited. She just LOVES going to the Chiang Mai Dog Rescue Shelter in Hang Dong and helping out.

Ready for action

When we started exploring options to retire overseas we took up a subscription with International Living magazine. This opened our eyes and minds to a vast array of new retirement ideas and options. And this is where we first became aware of house sitting. Since starting our travels we have written a few articles for that publication, and their website, about our travels and house sitting.

They recently contacted Jacqueline and asked her to write about her experience at the Chiang Mai Dog Rescue Shelter. She obliged and it was published on their website in July 2018. We’ve included the link below and  hope you enjoy reading it –Volunteering Overseas: Why Chiang Mai is my favourite place.

She also wrote a blog post about helping at the shelter for our house sitting website (The Aussie Lambs) back in April last year. You can read it via this link – Volunteering at a Thailand Dog Shelter.

House and Pet Sitting

As mentioned earlier – all of our travel wouldn’t be possible if we hadn’t taken up house sitting. If you’d like to learn more about how it’s possible to travel the world full time and spend less than you do now living at home then take a look at our house sitting information section. It will tell you how to get started – just click this link


    1. Aww – you guys are the best. We are very thankful that we met you through house sitting too. Looking forward to having more adventures with you (hopefully in Mexico!!!)


  1. We would love to be meeting up with you there this year, but sadly, we can’t. Have a great time when you get back. Jacqueline will enjoy her dog-cuddles time.


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