Travel costs – June 2017 (France and the UK)

One of the reasons for doing this blog is to show people that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to travel full time. Every month I’ll post a blog showing our total costs for the month and you can see how we’re going – here’s Junes totals.

June has been a busy month – we concluded a house sit in the South of France (15 days) and then flew to London. We did a weekend house sit in Cambridge, caught a bus to Reading to do an 11 day sit (with car included) and hired a car to drive to a sit in Bedfordshire for a weekend. We anticipated that our costs would be more in France and the UK than in Spain and this proved correct. Glenn also had to see a dentist in Cambridge for a tooth he chipped in France so that added to our costs.

Here are the figures:

  • General expenditure                              – $1522  see note (1)
  • Car hire ( 2 days)                                     – $80
  • Bus (Cambridge-Reading)                      – $78
  • Airfares (Marseille-Stansted)                – $107
  • Accommodation (1 night Cambridge) – $82
  • Dentist (emergency appt & filling)       – $206
(1) groceries / eating out / tourist attractions / public transport / parking fees/ fuel, etc

Our total costs for June (excluding the dentist) total $1869   (or $62.28 per day)

Our total costs for June (including the dentist) total $2075   (or $69.14 per day)

So our daily costs to date are:
April – $55.90
May –  $54.23
June – $62.28

Of course, this does not include the cost of our airfares to get from Melbourne to London. These will be included, along with our annual travel insurance premium, in our costs for the whole year and averaged out over that period.

We’re in the UK for all of July and August so expect the figures to be pretty similar for the next few months. August will be more expensive as we’re taking a week off from sitting and renting a house with friends to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We’ll post the figures over the coming months and see how things continue to pan out.

Footnote: all figures are in Australian Dollars and using an exchange rate calculation of  1 EURO = $1.55 AUD and 1 POUND = $1.70 AUD


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