Living costs in Chiang Mai

Here’s some real world costs for living in Chiang Mai. We sat down yesterday and looked at the total amount we had spent over a 4 month stay here. There’s always a difference between what literature/blogs say things will cost and what your own experience is.We had budgeted a certain amount per month for this trip and after the number crunching we found that we are under that amount – happy days. To track our costs we use a phone app called Moneyfy Pro. It is pretty straight forward to use and we can enter our costs ‘on the go’ as they happen.

Note that these numbers DO NOT include our ‘setup’ costs. For example, flights to Thailand, travel insurance or Thai VISA application fees. They do include our 3 day cycling holiday and trips to Bangkok and Hua Hin.

So what are the numbers?

  • Rent  $3777
  • Eating out $1925
  • Entertainment/Attractions $1035
  • Groceries (incl. alcohol) $1006
  • Airfares (internal flights to Bangkok & Hua Hin) $633
  • Tours $573
  • Transport (incl. bicycle hire) $382
  • Misc $340
  • Health $334
  • Massage $171
  • Phone/Internet $129
  • Utilities $67
  • Household items $64
  • Taxi $53
  • Clothes $40
  • VISA reporting  $40
  • Toiletries $24
  • Sports $13

Total $10,606

So, our average monthly expenditure is $2,651. Much less than our monthly living costs in Melbourne.

Of course, these numbers will vary depending upon your lifestyle. Jacqueline doesn’t drink alcohol and I only drink beer so if you’re into cocktails then your costs will be higher. We eat out at a ‘nice’ restaurant once or twice a week otherwise we just eat at local ‘mum and dad’ cafe’s or street markets. Your costs could also be reduced by paying less for rent but these are all individual choices.

How do you think these numbers stack up? Could you afford to live in Thailand? It is easier than you think.

Food for thought?????


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